The Vault

Welcome to The Vault

We are Houston’s most elegant and well-appointed House of Discipline.  The Vault is not just a dungeon; The Vault is a place you come to lose yourself—our chambers are a safe place to explore all of your deepest desires without being judged—a place where you are free to indulge in your fetishes and to realize your fantasies!

There are a number of ways for you to lose yourself within The Vault…  Surrender to one of Our lovely Domina’s and allow Her to have Her way with you…or maybe you are looking to try your hand at being in control of Our house submissive…or maybe you want Us to help you teach that unruly spouse of yours a lesson…

There are endless ways in which you can explore the depths of your desires at The Vault.  The only obstacle in the way of you achieving your bliss is….you.  Learn more

Dungeon rentals are also available.

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