About The Dungeon Chamberswall2_small

The Vault is an elaborately equipped dungeon that is filled to the brim with the highest quality bondage furniture and BDSM toys available.  The Vault toy collection is massive and continues to grow.   Many of Our toys and bondage furniture are custom designed and hand crafted.  Our chambers are suited for almost any type of play you can imagine so that no fantasy goes unfulfilled!

The Vault is conveniently located on the east side of downtown Houston, TX near Minute Maid Park. You will notice immediately upon arrival that there is great attention paid to detail within The Vault chambers.   We believe that ambiance is crucial to an excellent scene and our play space has been designed for decedent and devious play!


Our selection of bondage furniture features:

St. Catherine’s Wheel

Bondage Table w/ Steel Cage underneath

Tetruss Suspension Rig

St. Andrews Cross

2 Spanking Benches

Pillory Stocks

Vertical Steel Cage


The Vault is equipped with a bounty of cuffs, collars, rope, leather belts, rubber cords, cellophane, straight jackets and other types of restrictive bondage devices.  Once the subject is secured there are limitless possibilities!  We have numerous gags, blindfolds and sensations toys and there are countless cbt and nipple play toys for us to tantalize and torture you with.  The Vault Dungeon has a beautiful collection of custom crafted whips and a wide array of other impact play implements at our disposal.  Our collection also includes a wide range of electro-play devices.  The Vault toy collection is too expansive to list everything and it continues to expand.  Learn more about Our dungeon equipment and toys.

We take cleanliness very seriously at The Vault and this will be immediately obvious to you.  The dungeon is always impeccably clean.   We use hospital grade cleansers to sterilize our toys after each and every use and an autoclave for necessary implements.   You can count of the fact that we take great pride and care when handling our toys….  We enjoy using them in our down time too!

At The Vault Your discretion is demanded and assured.